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But You’re Kumar

April 10, 2009

I understand Kal Penn’s decision to join the Obama administration as an associate director of the White House Office of Public Liason. Mr. Penn’s selfless dedication to his country represents the same idea President Obama preached to us about in his inaugural address: the idea that we, as Americans, owe it to our nation to give back through service.

But you’re Kumar.

I also understand Mr. Penn’s desire to use his visibility as an actor to inspire troubled youths within the Asian American community. His shining example of triumph in the face of adversity may lead to young minority Americans setting themselves on the right path.

But you’re Kumar.

I understand the sacrifice Mr. Penn made in leaving one of television’s most popular shows and a lucrative acting career. Giving up so much that he had worked so hard to accomplish is surely a sign of his devotion to the cause of helping America.

Once again….you’re Kumar.

I understand the positive example Mr. Penn wishes to set for so many of the upper class in this country. He’s the representation the idea that the responsibility of civil service falls on the shoulders of all Americans, no matter how successful or wealthy they may be, especially in these harsh economic conditions.

You rode a cheetah through a forest.

I understand the gravity of Mr. Penn’s commitment. This is not an undertaking one takes lightly. In order to best serve one’s country, public officials often need to be on call 24/7. I understand that when joining the ranks of an American President’s administration, one must be willing to dedicate their entire lives to that cause, and that total and utter dedication is no small gesture.

Freak Show. Battleshits. Neil Patrick Harris.

Finally, I understand that the struggle for credibility Mr. Penn may face what with his Hollywood status and all. As Americans, we must enable ourselves to trust the opinions of the famous and wealthy. I understand the notion that going forward, our leaders need to be forward thinking individuals unafraid to embrace change. I really understand that lack of experience, in today’s political and social landscape, is not the fatal flaw it was once perceived to be.

Seriously man, you’re talking to a guy who’s favorite movie is Billy Madison, and even I didn’t see Harold and Kumar Go to Guantanomo Bay. That was too ridiculous for even me.

As a fellow American, I’d like to say: good luck, Mr. Penn. Thank you for your service. And I hope you don’t have to take off too much time to go make Harold and Kumar 3: Harold and Kumar Campaign in Support of Card Check, Legalizing Gay Marriages, Sucking Up to Ahmadinejad, and Abortion.

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