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Understated Stupidity’s Greatest Hits

October 15, 2008

Today I wanted to post some links to recurring tags on the site. It will give newer readers a chance to check out some of my older stuff, while at the same time exploring the dark recesses of my psyche by seeing which topics I write about the most.

Canadian entertainer, Alan Thicke

Canadian entertainer, The Dark Knight

But Could He Beat Chewbacca?

Billy Ocean’s 1984 hit, Caribbean Queen


“‘Ello. I’m Michael Caine.”

Everyone’s favorite weapon, a Bust of Beethoven

I Hope No One Who Wants to Hire Me Ever Googles Me


The Joker

The G-Men

Fitchett, the Teddy Bear…

And his owner, Chris Blumberg

Now that you’ve been properly horrified by that bizarre collection, let’s take a look at my favorite posts from the past ten months:

God, the Dark Knight Sucked – Commenter humanosaurus rex said it best: “Lmao none of that happened.”

Seafood and Iron Man – Perhaps the most misogynistic thing I’ve ever written.

The Real Problem with Imus – I like this one just for the picture.

The Fuckuum 3000 – Before you ask….just go ahead and read it.

You Won’t Get This if You Didn’t See 300 – When I saw 300, everyone in the theater was in awe of the rich visuals and dazzling cinematography. Not me. I was too busy laughing at the Little Hunchback Guy.

Adopt a Chupacabra – I actually think a chupacabra may have walked all over my car when I was doing a weekend gig in Orange, Va.

Thanks to everybody who checks out the blog. Send any feedback to Respect!

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