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Where Can You See Mike This Fourth of July Weekend?

July 3, 2008

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know I’ve got some shows coming up that I’m very, very excited about!

Friday through Sunday night I’ll be in Virginia Beach at Phil’s Bakery, opening for Canadian entertainer Alan Thicke. Mr. Thicke isn’t well known for his stand up act, but I’ve seen it before and it’s a real gut buster. He mainly talks about fucking and stuff he sees at the mall.

You never know who’s going to pop in. Last month I was at a Sheetz in Reston with Mr. Thicke, and we had a surprise appearance from none other than the guy who played Boner! Granted, he was working there, but it was pretty cool nonetheless.

All shows start at 6:30. There’s no cover at the door; you just have to get something at the bakery. First fifteen people at the show get a free muffin, so make sure you get there early. What a bonus, huh?

Actually, it’s in a strip mall and only has a capacity of 22 so, now that I think about it, the majority of the crowd will receive a muffin regardless.

But you should still get there early though, because we have to be out of there by 7:30. The place closes at 8.

I can hear some of you now – “Why would we drive all that way to sit in an awful venue to watch an old actor and you tell jokes for an hour? What’s in it for us?”

What’s in it for you? Well, I’ll tell you…there’s plenty of…look…just come to Virginia Beach, get a fucking strudel and watch me and the Dad from Growing Pains do comedy.

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